Pacific Homecare continues on the Skills Highway journey

Smarter, safer, prouder kiwi workplaces feature on videos launched on International Literacy Day. Improving adult literacy in Aotearoa is an urgent challenge. With the help of dedicated employers, training providers and government, Skills Highway literacy and numeracy training is changing working lives.

Pacific Homecare provides home-based health care services throughout South Auckland to the disabled and the elderly. Skills Highway Award winners in 2013, this video highlights their ongoing literacy journey.

With English being a second language for 90% of staff, CEO Hamish Crooks knew the training was essential. “It’s a great workforce. Multi-lingual, multi-talented. It participates more than it ever has.” Training provider, The Learning Wave’s GM Richard Moxon says literacy skills are embedded into a relevant programme focused on patient care plans. The ultimate benefit is better health outcomes for the clients. “The programme has created a workforce which is able to share with each other, work effectively together and this essentially benefits the clients at home and the community that Pacific Homecare is here to serve,” says Richard.